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Planning Applications

Wickersley Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the planning process. This means that it has the right to be informed of all planning applications within the parish boundary. Planning applications are normally discussed by the Full Parish Council which meets each month (except August), where it is agreed if objections are to be made to applications. The minutes of the meeting will also records the reasons for the objection. The Parish Clerk then submits written comments to the planning authority.

The planning authority - Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) - considers comments submitted by Wickersley Parish Council but does not necessarily have to decide an application completely in accordance with those comments.

The final decision is made by the planning authority, not the parish council.

On this Rotherham MBC site you can search for individual applications using the application reference number, the postal address or via a map. For each application you can view the full details, see the progress of the application, the deadline for comments and, should you wish, the mechanism to make your comments - either in support or against.

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