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Housing in Wickersley

The 1930s saw a great expansion in the village of Wickersley. In 1921 Joe Lister had built himself a house on a plot of land overlooking Denes Plantation, known locally as 'Lister's Castle'. In subsequent years he acquired other land in the area and began to build bungalows and houses, aided by a government subsidy of £100 per house and a loan from his employers. In the 1920s and 1930s he erected the Listerdale housing estate consisting of 650 semi-detached and 40 detached houses. As a result of this and other building, the population of the parish rose from 1,004 in 1921 to 1,809 in 1931 and 3,185 in 1951.

Further housing was developed in the Northfield area from 1958 leading to population increase to 5,029 in 1961. The demand for services from the increased population led to the development of the Tanyard shopping centre on the main road in 1966. Continued development of the land around the village has seen the population rise to 6,819 in 1981 and 7390 in 1991.

Biography about Joe Lister, Master Builder

Biography about Joe Lister, Master Builder

The Wickersley / Bramley 'Trees Estate' - built from the 1950's

27 streets with Tree Names:- Acacia Avenue, Almond Glade, Ash Grove, Beech Grove, Birch Crescent, Blackthorn Ave, Cedar Ave, Cherry Tree Cresc, Hazel Grove, Holly Mount, Larch Ave, Lilac Farm Close, Lilac Grove, Linden Ave, Myrtle Crescent, Oaklands, Oak Tree Close, Palm Hollow Close, Pear Tree Ave, Plane Drive, Poplar Glade, Rowan Drive, Spruce Ave, Sycamore Avenue, Sycamore Farm Close, Willow Court, Willow Tree Way,

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