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The development of utilities and services in Wickersley

Water - As early as 1903 Rotherham Rural District Council was proposing to introduce piped water to the village. This met with little support from the villagers who preferred their well water. The scheme was resurrected in 1910 and approved in 1912. Many villagers expressed their objection to the new mains water on the grounds that it "had no life in it".


Wickersley stood close to the main road from Sheffield and Rotherham to Bawtry which was formerly an important inland port, exporting cutlery from Sheffield and lead from the Peak District.

Originally the road ran south of the church (Morthen Rd) but when the road was turnpiked in 1759 it was diverted onto the present route. The Wickersley toll bar stood at the Brecks at the western boundary of the parish, hence Toll Bar Rd at the Brecks.

The Parish Council supported Rotherham Corporation's scheme to run trolley buses to Maltby. When this service started in 1912 it greatly improved the public transport available to the villagers.

Trolley Bus on Bawtry Rd

Trolley Bus on Bawtry Rd

This is a report of the opening of the Tramway in 1912 linking Rotherham and Wickersley.

"An extension of the Rotherham Corporation tramway system was opened on 3rd October, 1912 connecting Rotherham Borough with Wickersley, Bramley and Maltby. The route was four miles 6 furlongs long. The system was only the fourth of its kind to be opened in Great Britain, and the first in which the Local Authority had Parliamentary powers to run outside the municipal boundary.

Each omnibus was fitted with two horse power motors. The wheels had solid rubber tyres, and the vehicle could be steered to any part of the roadway when overtaking other traffic.

Crowd gathered along the route, everyone dressed in their Sunday best - there was much excitement!"

Wickersley Crossroads - now our Roundabout

Wickersley Crossroads - now our Roundabout


Gas lamps were introduced to Wickersley's streets in 1927.


In 1921 the Parish Council agreed to participate in the West Riding's scheme for village libraries.

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