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Early History of Wickersley

Wickersley is one of the manors that are recorded as being 'completely waste and valueless'. The manor had belonged to Halfdan and Aestan and there had been arable land for three plough teams. William I had given Wickersley to Roger de Busli and he in turn had granted it to his tenant Roger.

Wickersley is mentioned in the Domesday Book, which is a manuscript record of the "Great Survey" of much of England and parts of Wales completed in 1086 by order of King William the Conqueror. Follow this link to find out more https://opendomesday.org/place/SK4791/wickersley/#:~:text=Wickersley%20was%20a%20settlement%20in%20Domesday%20Book%2C%20in,as%20abandoned%20settlements%29.%20Land%20of%20Roger%20of%20Bully

In the late 14th century, Wickersley society was headed by John de Bossevill, franklin, and his wife Elizabeth who were assessed at 4Od in the 1379 Poll Tax return. Just below them was John de Wykerslay, merchant, who paid 2s. Altogether there were 53 Wickersley people prosperous enough to pay the tax. The total population was probably c.90.

The family of de Wickersley descended from Richard fitzTurgis, one of the co-founders of Roche Abbey. In 1230 Robert de Wickersley gave the advowson of the parish church to Worksop Priory. In 1315 the lords of the manor of Wickersley were returned as Thomas de Wickersley, Jordan de Idle and Richard de Dred. By the 16th century the de Wickersleys were living at Broomhall, Sheffield. The male line of the de Wickersleys came to an end in 1528 with the death of Nicholas de Wickersley. The manor passed via his daughter Ellen to her husband Robert Swift jnr, son of Robert Swift of Rotherham. On his death in 1561 the Swift estates were partitioned between his three daughters, Wickersley being among the estates awarded to Frances who married Sir Francis Leake of Sutton. Leake sold Wickersley to Richard Smith of London in 1577. Over the next two centuries the lordship of the manor passed through a number of hands. By the 18th century the manor had passed into the hands of the Sylvester family. Later in the century Capt. Thomas Gilbert, William Bumford and Mrs Reve are recorded as holding Wickersley at various dates. George Rooke of Langham was lord of the manor in 1810. His daughter Charlotte married Rev. John Foster who was rector of Wickersley from 1804 unti1863. In 1841 the lordship passed to William Warde-Aldam family of Frickley Hall.

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